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In many countries the needs of children are staggering. If you are apparent you know that many children are susceptible to poverty. Statistics are everywhere and the numbers are expected to rise. Unemployment is predicted to rise through 2010. Families have a limited amount of resources to turn to. As a sponsor, your annual tax-deductible donation provides the unique opportunity to directly  improve the life of a child.128

We know that sponsorship works as we have witnessed the amazing difference that it makes – one child at a time. Child sponsorship not only addresses the physical and educational needs of a child, but also contributes to family permanency, allowing children to stay with their families in the country in which they were born.The further we reach, the more likely it is that a child begins the long climb out of poverty toward a more hopeful future. Please help
by sharing our mission with loved ones and your community. Families need your help to survive. We need your help to provide the tools and they will be able to flourish.

It is virtuallmatka_z_dzieckiem1y impossible to be immune from the news of these challenging times we live in today. So often we feel unsettled and uncertain. For many that cannot eat today, or even tomorrow and that have no home or family, this is the everyday uncertainty facing orphaned and abandoned children around the world. Imagine a glimpse into the desperation of children who live on the very edge of survival. Their stories are difficult and their options very limited but with us working together, we have demonstrated that there is hope for a brighter future.In keeping families together, we have avoided the placement of children into foster situations. In keeping families together, we have provided a safe, loving, nuturing environment that has already existed. Parents become more happy when they are self sufficient and are able to earn the income they need to raise the standard of living for their family.

Children are more happy when raised in a stable environment that being part of a family contributes to. Any parent will recognize the need of a stabilized family can impact on a child’s life.noel108During the past year through the generous financial support of our network of families and friends like you, we will have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children. Together, we have eased the suffering of children living in institutional care by meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, heat, and hot water, as well as provided specialized equipment and therapy for severely disabled orphans.

We have brought hope to families and communities facing grinding poverty.Child Sponsorship Programs and the construction of schools and medical clinics bring the promise of a better tomorrow.We affirm our hope and certainty that there can be a better tomorrow .

I wish you peace, health and happiness as you celebrate the many joys of the season and ask that you consider a generous donation to support this vital mission.


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